Stony Hill Church From 1800-1964

by Alberta Lowder Boggan © 2008

also the author of Our Children's Heritage.

Aberta Boggan

Alberta Boggan

Homecoming 1971

These people were members of Stony Hill United Methodist Church for fifty years or more in 1971.

A picture was made of the five people holding membership of fifty years or more at this homecoming in 1971. They were listed as the following. Mrs. Mary Frank Shaver a member for 75 years; Mrs. Maude Forrest Lowder, 73 years; Mrs. J. Wayne Smith, 52 years; J.Wayne Smith, 53; Olin Michael, 60 years; and James D. Mauldin, 50 years.

Mary Frank Shaver was born in 1882, joined the church in 1896 at age 14 and died in 1977 at age 95 with with 81 years of church membership.

Maude Forrest Lowder was born in 1887, joined the church in 1898 at age 11 and died in 1974 at age 86 with 76 years of church membership.

Mrs. J. Wayne Smith (Lucille) was born in 1906, joined the church in 1919 at age 13 and died in 1996 at age 90 with 77 years of church membership.

J. Wayne Smith was born in 1905, joined the church in 1917 at age 12,and died in 1989 at age 84 with 72 years of church membership.

Olin Michael was born in 1895, joined the church in 1911 at age 16 and died in 1984 age 89 with 73 years of church membership.

James D. Mauldin was born in 1909, joined the church in 1921 at age 12 and died in 1986 at age 77 with 65 years of church membership.