Stony Hill Church From 1800-1964

by Alberta Lowder Boggan © 2008

also the author of Our Children's Heritage.

Aberta Boggan

Alberta Boggan

The Smith family is a distinguished old family of Stony Hill, I believe this family goes back to Robert Smith, who was the father of John Smith, forefather of Tevis and Jack Smith. Joe Smith of this family was a Methodist minister and once preached a homecoming service at Stony Hill. Archibald Smith, another son of Robert, was the first known Sunday school superintendent, according to Mrs. J.N. Lilly. His daughter Nancy Smith Lilly (1840-1916) was a Sunday school teacher. John Frank Lilly, her husband, was Sunday school superintendent. Their daughter, Neal Smith Lilly Boggan was pianist and Sunday school teacher. Neal's son, Harry served as superintendent, steward and trustee. Harry's daughter Patricia Boggan Speight, pianist and organist for twenty-five was the fifth generation of active members.

The Stoker family is another family of great significance. S. M. Stoker was on the early church roll. He was the father of Robert Marshall Stoker (father of Talmadge Stoker); Mary Jane Stoker Mullinix (mother of T.B. Mullinix, Jr.); Arthur Adkins Stoker (father of Robert Stoker); and Ardelia Stoker Cranford (wife of Bon Cranford, and mother of Nell Burris, Gertrude Tucker, and Lucille Mullinix). This family has done a lot for the church. Talmadge was superintendent and filled other church positions as well. Talmadge's wife, Virginia Hinson Stoker (a descendent of Jackson Underwood) was President of the first Missionary society. She did a lot of other church work too. T.B. Mullinix, Jr. and his wife Lucille Cranford Mullinix (daughter of Ardelia) were very active church members, holding many church positions. They were the parents of Barry Mullinix and Bonnie Mullinix Springer, both active members today. Bonnie was once Stony Hill pianist. Lucille Stoker Smith (mother of Tevis and Jack) was a Sunday school teacher. She also served in many other church roles.

The Ingram family has been very active since joining Stony Hill in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Jack Ingram and his wife Wilson(Dinah) Russell Ingram were both very active members, holding many church offices. Joe Ingram, Frances Furr and Kay Mills also active members are descendant of this family.