Stony Hill Church From 1800-1964

by Alberta Lowder Boggan © 2008

also the author of Our Children's Heritage.

Aberta Boggan

Alberta Boggan

The Fellowship Hall was built and dedicated in 1957. Harry Boggan, the church school superintendent was master of ceremonies.

The Sunday school wing was was annexed in 1962 and dedicated on homecoming Sunday, August 2, 1964. E. Jack Ingram was Building Committee Chairman.

Around 1963 the Men's Club took on the project of putting down concrete on the right-hand side of the church.

A new Allen organ was purchased in 1964. Chimes were dedicated to the memory of Mrs. T.B. Mullinex, Jr. in 1965.

A steeple was placed on the church 1968.

Early Church Members

The first records mentioned the names, Atkins, Bell, Blalock, Forrest, Freeman, Huckabee, Kirk, Manor, Melton, Rush, Smith, and Stoker. Most of these families have descendants in our church today.

Arthur F. Atkins (1810-1892) was an outstanding member and preacher of Stony Hill. He married Harriet Forrest (my great great great Aunt). His second wife was Martha Elliott. He was a firm believer in no unnecessary action on Sunday. He was half through shaving on a Saturday night, when his cow got out. He chased her until midnight. It wa then the Sabbath and he had not finished shaving. He preached at Stony Hill with only one-half of his face shaved (my mother told me this story).

The Bells have had a prominent place in Stony Hill down through the years. Preacher Ben Bell was reported receiving members into the church in 1831. He is the forefather of the Kirk, Bell and Shaver families. His daughter Martha married George Kirk. A descendent of this family, J. C. Bell was a former Sunday school superintendent. June Shaver served also as superintendent His son Robert Vickers Shaver played the piano.