Stony Hill Church From 1800-1964

by Alberta Lowder Boggan © 2008

also the author of Our Children's Heritage.

Aberta Boggan

Alberta Boggan

The Blalock family was of great value to Stony Hill. Bailey Blalock (1852 to 1922) was Sunday school superintendent for forty years.He is Doris Fultz Springer's grandfather.

The Forrest family has been members of Stony Hill since the early days of the church. Abraham settled in the Stony Hill area before 1770 on 6000 acres of land. There is no mention of Abraham, his son John Greshem, or grandson John Greshem Jr. holding any church office, however early records noted that Nancy, wife of John Greshem Jr. died in faith. John Greshem, Jr. was the father of James D. who was the father of William J. (Buck), a Sunday school teacher at Stony Hill. James D. was also the father of Bea Forrest Fesperman and Maude Forrest Lowder. Bea was the grandmother of Tommy Fesperman and Margaret Fesperman Fields. Margaret's husband, Sid Fields is the current pianist at Stony Hill. Maude Lowder was the grandmother of Pat Boggan Speight. Margaret, Tommy and Pat are the seventh generation of the Forrest family at Stony Hill.

The Kirk family is obviously of great consequence to the church. In addition to the lands first given to the church sites, Paul E. and his daughter Dera gave land to extend the present grounds and cemetery. Paul E. was also a steward and trustee. Another daughter, Gelia Kirk Talbert, was pianist for several years. Rev. Richard Kirk from this family served as pastor at Stony Hill in 1944. After leaving a service at Stony Hill on his way to Union Chapel, he suffered a heart attach and died. Rev. Ed Kirk a member of this family once preached a homecoming service at Stony Hill. Jeff Michael is a very active member today. Jeff's grandmother, Della Kirk Michael was secretary of her Sunday school class. His aunt, the late Frances Michael Biggers was secretary of the church. Archibald Kirk was Sunday school superintendent for many years.

The Melton family was important to our church. They have been members down through the years. Jim, Raymond, and Starr Mauldin(named for a Stony Hill preacher) are descended from this family.