Stony Hill Church From 1800-1964

by Alberta Lowder Boggan © 2008

also the author of Our Children's Heritage.

Aberta Boggan

Alberta Boggan

Missionary Society Organized

Rev. G. L. Wilkinson reported in his pastor's report to a quarterly conference in 1938 that three missionary societies had been organized on the Albemarle Circuit. They were Stony Hill, Union Chapel and Pine Grove. There were no details given, however I remember that I was asked to contact Mrs. Z.V. Moss the conference secretary to invite her to come to Stony Hill to discuss and possibly organize a missionary society. She came and a society was organized. Virginia Stoker was elected president and I was elected secretary.

Stony Hill Cemetery

It was neccessary before 1940, to have a "cleaning off" of the cemetery each summer. Many lots grew up in weeds and briars and were indeed an unsightly place. The Young Ladies Class under the leadership of their teacher, Carey Greenlee started a Cemetery improvement campaign. They asked for donations from families who owned lots in the cemetery. These funds were used to seed and fertilize the grounds. The class sold Christmas cards for several years to raise money for the upkeep. There have also been substantial gifts given to the fund.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School was instituted by Rev. E. A. Bingham in 1941. The school held in June at the church from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M. Monday through Friday. Those teaching included Gelia Kirk Talbert, Neal Lilly Boggan, the preacher, and I. Women of the church supplied snacks and drinks for break time each day. Lucille Smith invited the teachers and the preacher to her home for lunch on Friday. I also taught the Junior class at Bethany Bible School at the request of Rev. Bingham. Bethany was on the Albemarle Circuit at this time.