Bonnie Mullinix Springer at the 'Upping Stone'

March 1953 The Upping Stone back at Stony Hill

This picture and the caption appeared in the Stanly News and Press - March 20th, 1953.
( see also Tevis Smith )

LOOK AT THE ROCK!--Unless we tell you what the subject matter is here, you are going to miss it altogether. It is not the horse. And it is not the pretty, young miss. But rather, it is the rock she is standing upon. This is no ordinary rock, but one of great historical interest. It dates back to the old original site of Stony Hill meeting house, which was near the old Kron place just East of Morrow mountain. The rock was used on the grounds as a stepping stone for women to mount their horses, and mention is made of the rock in Dr. Kron's diary in 1835. The rock has now been moved to the present Stony HIll church, below Morrow mountain. Incidentally, the charming young lady is Miss Bonnie Mullinix, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Mullinix, Jr., of the Stony Hill community. (And don't look now, but the saddle is just a bit out of order for a woman wearing a skirt. It was the best we could do on short notice. --Staff Photo-- Ivey.

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