Henry and Emma Springer

Henry and Emma Springer

Henry Silas and Emma Burgess Springer, parents of James Horace Springer, Ottie Jane Springer Haynie, and Henry Myron Springer. Henry Myron is a member of Stony Hill UMC.

These Springers were "good people" too. They came to Stony Hill when Henry Myron was 8, and it bears mentioning, Bonnie Mullinix, was 5. The Springers were very strong and hard working members of the church. There was not anything they would not do for their church. And they sat a very good example for all around them, including their youngest son.

Henry Silas worked in the local mill for many years, and then later worked many years with Collins and Aikman, from where he retired when he was 65 years old. But he didn't stop there, he then worked with Mills Body Shop until he was in his 80's. When the Springers lived on the Till home place, just off Valley Drive, they always had a large garden, and all the family worked in the garden. They also had a 5- gallon ice cream freezer which was used extensively in the summer months by all the community.

Henry Silas sang many years, close to 50, in the church choir, and a good tenor he was and certainly an asset to the choir itself, besides, once again, being a very good example to all near him. He also received the Lay Person of the Year award in the mid 1990's.

Emma worked in the local mill as well. But still found time for her family and canning everything from A-Z from the garden. To say she loved her children and grandchildren would be an "under statement", and they loved her.

Henry Silas and Emma had 52 years of marriage together. The Springers had a strong faith also. Emma died in February 1979.

Henry Silas married Doris Fink Fultz in June 1980, and they had been married 22 years when Henry Silas died November 2002. Henry Silas was 95 years old.

I am proud to have married into this family. They were wonderful people. And I still say Dad Springer was the perfect father-in-law. And as always, I am blessed and grateful this family has been part of my life's journey.

Respectfully submitted by
Bonnie Mullinix Springer
May 2008